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President Burnet continues: On my arrival at Camp, which had been lately removed further up the bayou to flee the offensive odors of the battle floor, I discovered the President Santa Anna and his suite occupying the only building in the neighborhood. President Bur- internet, “that we have heretofore been deprived of the benefits of a Press, the great automobile of truth and error, is a prominent function amongst the numerous difficulties and embarrassments that have compassed our path from the beginning, and I am persuaded it has contributed much to the censures which have been so liberally bestowed on the present Executive Government.” The scenario of our country from the 15th of May till the 1st of August, for the need of a medium for disseminating info is well known and was by many severely felt. The operations of authorities not recognized by the military and other people re- ports magnified need of confidence in the federal government, which maybe was in an incredible measure, attributable to the need of data.” (Editorial in Telegraph, January 27, 1837.) 158 Texas Historical Association Quarterly.

Meet at this place on the first Monday in October 1836. Columbia, because of its more central location, had for a time been the seat of justice of the municipality of Columbia, but presently Brazoria loved that distinction. The next resolution was adopted to this end on February 16, 1836; Resolved, That the Council adjourns to meet on the town of Wash- ington on the twenty-second day of this month and that the appearing Governor and different officers related with the Provisional Government be notified of the fact and requested to take away their workplaces to that place.

The first number of the Telegraph to be issued at Columbia appeared on August 2, 1836. A committee of the enterprise males of Columbia promised President Burnet the following accommodations for the use of the government: Volley, Historical past of Texas, 113. ”The experience of Texas during the prior 12 months of its existence as QEN adult profile an independent power bears abundant testimony to the truth that fashionable government cannot be carried on without the aid of the press. 1 No Offices for the Chief Departments of the Govt department of Government, three and the per- sonal lodging are very deficient. The town had no old enemies; no real objections within the form of inadequate accommodations were current, and the prospects of the longer term have been little question duly magnified.