NBA 2K21 – Malik Monk Card Boost

23-year old Shooting Guard/ Point Guard, Malik Monk still has plenty of years to develop and achieve success in the competitive world of NBA.

Joining Charlotte Hornets from Kentucky Wildcats (college basketball) in 2017, he has managed to become a consistent team player throughout the club’s subsequent seasons.

In NBA 2K21, following on with the current Season 8 theme of ‘Trials of Champions’, Monk will be receiving a massive player card upgrade in the form of his 98-Rated ‘Galaxy Opal’ Player Card.

His latest player card showcases some outstanding stats like:

  • 3-Point Shot (Outside Scoring): 96
  • Offensive Consistency (Outside Scoring): 95
  • Hands (Inside Scoring): 95
  • Mid-Range Shot (Outside Scoring): 94
  • Vertical (Athleticism): 92

If you’re a fan of the Charlotte Hornets, then picking up Malik Monk into your current MyTeam (MT) squad should definitely be your next priority.

You will need to complete five (5) Agendas to grab him, in the game:

  • Manage twenty-five (25) Rebounds using Charlotte Hornets players in any game mode.
  • Score one hundred and twenty-five (125) Points using Charlotte Hornets players in Triple Threat or Triple Threat Online.
  • Achieve twenty (20) Assists using Charlotte Hornets players in any Multiplayer games.
  • Block fifteen (15) times using Charlotte Hornets players in Triple Threat (offline).
  • Steal the ball fifteen (15) times using Charlotte Hornet players in any game mode.

Continue playing with Charlotte Hornets in NBA 2K21 and you’ll definitely unlock Malik Monk without even realizing it!

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