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Sunday: 2 Kassam rockets fired from Gaza by the same old PLO members & allies (1 damaged a greenhouse close to a town by its explosion); 1 terrorist caught transporting 60 knives. Listed here are your tax dollars at work over the last week: Wednesday: 4 Kassam rockets fired from Gaza by the PLO-allied Islamic Jihad, one exploding immediately in opposition to an occupied home close to the residence of Israel’s defense minister, whereas two others struck yards of close by properties; 1 attempted knifing of an Israeli soldier; photographs fired at Israeli soldiers; rocks thrown at Israeli troopers exterior Bethlehem. As we speak (Tuesday): 2 mortar rounds fired from Gaza; pictures fired at Israeli soldiers in 2 locations; 9 Kassam rockets fired from Gaza by the standard PLO members & allies (1 exploded in a kid’s bedroom of home & injured a woman, another exploded close to a college, & another struck an Israeli military base).

Grenades, stones, and gunfire directed at Israeli soldiers in 2 West Financial institution areas; 2 Kassam rockets fired from Gaza by the PLO-allied Islamic Jihad (1 exploded in a parking lot, damaging a van & an automotive, whereas the other exploded on a “pedestrian walkway”). Monday: The PLO-allied Islamic Jihad detonated two bombs towards Israeli soldiers, injuring 2; pictures fired at Israeli soldiers; 2 bombs found hidden by the Gaza Strip fence; 1 terrorist knifed an Israeli police officer in Hebron; 1 Kassam rocket fired from Gaza by the usual PLO members & allies; rocks thrown at an automobile driving within the West Bank, damaging it & injuring the driver; 1 terrorist of the PLO-supported Hamas died because the bomb he was preparing blew up prematurely; members of the PLO’s Fatah shot & murdered 2 Palestinian Arab girls & injured 1 Palestinian man; 2 terrorists tried to run over Israeli troopers with their car, but had been shot & arrested.

The cigarette sellers agreed in 1998 to pay the $206 billion over 25 years — with one massive catch: The funds would come solely out of future profits. Thursday: An attempted homicide of an automotive driver failed (1 terrorist threw a big rock to gradual the automotive down, & his comrade fired shots, 1 of which struck the steering wheel while another penetrated by way of the driver-facet door and went out the passenger door, each miraculously missing the driver himself, injuring him solely by the broken glass); 1 terrorist caught with a big hid knife.