Which Hogwarts house is the hardest to get into?

Have you watched a series of movies or even read fictional novels of harry potter? Have you ever wondered which Hogwarts house is the hardest to get into? If you have, you might have to give a slight bit of your thinking to it. But, it is not a simple answer to receive. Sometimes you will not be satisfied with your own answer. It takes a lot of time to analyze each of the Hogwarts houses and come to a conclusion. For the die-hard fans out there, let us keep it short. No one wants to read an analysis over a topic.

Well, it can be slightly difficult to derive a conclusion about the toughest house to get into. There is not a definite number of Potterheads that are available to get the perfect number to represent the particular house as the toughest to get in. Well, according to us, we think that Ravenclaw is the Hardest house to get into. You ask why? Let us give your answers.

Ravenclaws are just more than smarts. Most of the time, people think of it as the worst Hogwarts House, but it isn’t. Ravenclaw is always imagined that they have fascinating minds in the house. Haven’t you heard of Luna Lovegood? She was one of the best characters in the harry potter series of movies.

Let us give you more information regarding the Founder of the Hogwarts House Ravenclaw, Rowena’s story is the saddest one. She had built the Hogwarts Castle with the other three founders, well her daughter is the ghost of Ravenclaw Tower. You might have known Helena stole an artifact known as Rowena’s diadem. It can give anyone the wearer wisdom. She was jealous of her own mother’s cleverness and wisdom. But, due to ill consequences, she was tracked down by Bloody Baron.

Ravenclaws are the most clever people out there. They are very creative and outspoken as well. If you ever feel that your friend is brutally honest or blunt whenever they talk to you, they might be a Ravenclaw. Make sure you find out about their Hogwarts House. Oh, wait! Have you not ever find your Hogwarts House ever? So, what are you waiting for? You should attend a harry potter house quiz from our quiz site – Quiz Lagoon. Our quizzes are mainly for our die-hard fans of Harry Potter. We are one of the most reliable quiz sites out there over the internet. So, do check out our website for more!